3.8. Log

A tap on the Log button in the main SafePages view shows the Document Log. See Section 3.3, “SafePages”.

3.8.1. Documents

The Document Log shows all documents the user printed to SavaPage, and which were subsequently exported or Proxy-Printed. For a detailed description of this screen see Section 4.12, “Documents” in the Admin Web App chapter.

Some Document Type selections are hidden, depending on user role, privileges and resource (Queue, Printer) availability.

  • Type PDF is hidden when user has no privileges to Send and Download SafePages.

  • Type Ticket is hidden when user is not a Job Ticket Creator.

  • Type Print is hidden when user is not a Print Job Creator, or has no access to a printer.

The following configuration property applies:

Configuration propertyDescription


A comma separated priority list of enum values ALL, IN, OUT, PDF, PRINT, TICKET, that correspond to Document Type selection options. When this list is empty, ALL is assumed.

The default Type selection is the first value from the list that corresponds to a visible select option.

To comply to EU GDPR ("Right for a data subject to receive personal data concerning them"), IN and OUT types are always available, so full history can be queried regardless of current status.

Table 3.8. Document Type Select: Configuration Property

See Section 4.11.14, “Config Editor” on how to set these items.

The Letterhead selection is hidden when user has no Letterhead privileges. The Queue selection does not hold disabled or inactive (reserved) queues (/mailprint, /webprint). The Printer selection holds accessible Printers only (Job Ticket "Printers" are not shown).

User Web App: Log - Documents

Figure 3.61. User Web App: Log - Documents

User Web App: Log - Document Transactions

Figure 3.62. User Web App: Log - Document Transactions

Press the transaction button in the document item to see invoicing details. Press the Transactions button in the footer bar to view the Transaction List, and the GDPR button to view the GDPR Dialog.


Depending on User Privileges the Transactions button might not be present. Queue Journal

If the Queue Journal function is enabled a print-in document is journaled, as indicated by a small icon at the left of the document title. See Section, “Document Store” and Section 4.7.2, “Edit Queue”.

User Web App: Log - Queue Journal

Figure 3.63. User Web App: Log - Queue Journal

Depending on User Privileges buttons are displayed to Download, Select (add to or replace the SafePages) and Delete the journal.


When viewed in the Admin Web App the journal can not be Selected.

3.8.2. Transactions

The Transaction Log shows the financial transactions on the user's account.

User Web App: Log - Transactions

Figure 3.64. User Web App: Log - Transactions

Each entry in the list has the following lines.

  • A header with the transaction type.

  • The resulting account balance with the transaction amount.

  • Extra information is added depending on the transaction type.

  • A Manual Transaction denotes the Receipt Number in the header and has a Receipt button to download the receipt as PDF.

Some samples of other entries...

A Printer Usage transaction due to IPP Routing, with QR code 1fa51673-... delivered by an IPP Routing Plug-in.

Bitcoin Payment entries show a hyperlink with a shortened transaction hash. The hyperlink opens the transaction details in a new browser tab. The hyperlink URL is held in configuration property financial.bitcoin.user-page.url-pattern.trx and can be changed with the Configuration Editor. The value must contain the {0} placeholder for the transaction hash. Sample values are https://blockchain.info/tx-index/{0} and https://blockexplorer.com/tx/{0} .

Push the Documents button in the footer bar to view the Document List, and the GDPR button to view the GDPR Dialog.

User Web App: Log - Transactions

Figure 3.65. User Web App: Log - Transactions

Transactions can be filtered and sorted as follows:

  • Comment containing text: selects transactions with comments containing a text snippet.

  • Type: selects (all) or a single one of the transaction types...

    • Initial: Balance allocated when account was created.

    • Adjustment: Manual adjustment by an administrator. See Section, “Financial”.

    • Deposit: Adjustment of balance at a Point-of-Sale.

    • External: Increment of balance by transferring funds from an external account. See Section 3.10.8, “Transfer Money”.

    • Transfer: Increment or decrement of balance by transferring credit to another user. See Section 3.10.7, “Transfer Credit”.

    • Voucher: Increment of balance by redeeming a voucher.

    • Queue: A delegator transaction as part of a Delegated Print where the document and delegate info is retrieved from an External Supplier and printed to a Proxy Printer managed by a Third Party Print Management System (TPPMS). The transaction appears as Queue Usage item in the list. Print status and cost are retrieved from the TPPMS. The cost will be 0.00 when the status is Pending (external), Expired or Canceled. When status is Completed the cost will be known. Currently External Supplier TPPMS PaperCut is supported.

    • Printer: A transaction for proxy printing. When the Proxy Printer is solely managed by SavaPage the costs are according to the specified Printer Costs. When the Proxy Printer is additionally managed by a Third Party Print Management System, status and cost are retrieved from that system and displayed just like the previously discussed Queue Usage item.

  • Select a creation Period by entering a From and To date. Tap the x button after a date to clear it. See this example Data Selection Dialog.

  • Transactions can be sorted Ascending or Descending by creation Date or Type.

  • The list is refreshed, and the selection applied, after you push the Apply button.

  • The Default button resets the selection items to their default values.

  • The PDF and CSV buttons downloads the User List in their respective formats, using the selection item values.

  • The minus icon collapses the Select and Sort section.