Chapter 6. Point-of-Sale Web App

Table of Contents

6.1. Deposit
6.2. Receipts

The Point-of-Sale (POS) is a Web App used to deposit funds to a user's printing account, usually after receiving a cash or electronic payment. It can be accessed by users with role Web Cashier.

The POS Web App can be reached at https://savapage:8632/pos. See Appendix E, URL Cheat Sheet.

6.1. Deposit

The Deposit tab is the place to handle a user's deposit. The figure below shows the initial content when first used or after the Clear button was pushed.

Point-of-Sale: Deposit Start

Figure 6.1. Point-of-Sale: Deposit Start

  • User ID: a quick search entry field to select the User. See the figure below for a description.

  • Amount: enter the integer and cents of the amount separately. The currency sign is taken from the Financial settings.

  • Payment method: select one of the payment methods as specified in the Financial settings. When no methods are specified this field will not show.

  • Comment: a short comment to denote the deposit.

  • Receipt: select the email address if you want to send de receipt as PDF.

  • User ID is a quick search entry field. By entering part of the user id, a pick-list of matching users is displayed below. The list is refreshed real-time as characters are entered (or deleted).

  • By selecting the user from the list the entry field is replaced by the selection. Also, the current account balance of the user and his email is shown.

When all required field are entered the Deposit button will show.

Point-of-Sale: Deposit Completed

Figure 6.2. Point-of-Sale: Deposit Completed

Push the Deposit to make the deposit. As a result:

  • When user's email address was selected, the receipt will be emailed to the User.

  • The form will be cleared, with the focus on the User ID quick search field.