3.9. Sort

A tap on the Sort button in the main SafePages view switches to Sort mode. See Section 3.3, “SafePages”.

In sort mode pages can be rearranged and deleted.

User Web App: Sort

Figure 3.74. User Web App: Sort

These are the actions that can be performed on page images:

Here is a summary of the buttons and their function:

More actions : shows a pop-up with more actions (see below).

More actions pop-up : pop-up with more actions. Selected pages are transferred to the PDF and Print dialog.

Unselect all : unselects all selected pages. Selected pages that are in view are marked with a orange border. The mini pin icon at the bottom of the screen shows all selected pages.

Cut : cuts the selected pages into the clipboard. Cut pages that are in view are marked with a red border. The mini scissor icon at the bottom of the screen shows the cut page ranges in the clipboard.

Undo : reverts all cut actions and empties the clipboard.

Left Paste : pastes the cut pages before the first selected page.

Right Paste : pastes the cut pages after the first selected page.

Delete : deletes the selected pages.

Inbox : returns to the Main view.


By default a fixed button text is shown on mobile devices only: on desktops a hover text is shown. See Section 3.3, “SafePages” on how to change this behavior.


After SafePages are sorted any Fast Print will fail and all SafePages will be cleared as a result. Please use a Hold Print instead.