4.14. About

After a tap on the About button in the main menu this panel is shown. See Section 4.2, “Menu”.

Admin Web App: About

Figure 4.150. Admin Web App: About

A tap on one of the options expands (or collapsed) the underlying section. The sections are described in the paragraphs below.

4.14.1. Version

The Version Info identifies the application and database version. Please include this information when you contact support.

Admin Web App: About - Version

Figure 4.151. Admin Web App: About - Version

4.14.2. License

This section displays the license information with related links in green.

Admin Web App: About - License

Figure 4.152. Admin Web App: About - License

4.14.3. Community

The Community section gives all the information about your Community Membership[26]. See Figure 4.4, “Admin Web App: Dashboard - Membership” for a summary of Membership Status values. See Chapter 23, SavaPage Community for an explanation about SavaPage Membership in general.

Admin Web App: About - Community

Figure 4.153. Admin Web App: About - Community

Press the Import Member Card button to start the Import Dialog.

Admin Web App: About - Import Member Card

Figure 4.154. Admin Web App: About - Import Member Card

  • Select the Member Card file to be uploaded. The actual file selection trigger differs from browser to browser. The screenshot above is from the Chromium browser.

  • Press the Import button to start the import.

  • The progress of the import is displayed at the top of the dialog box.

  • The Back button brings you back to the Community section.

  • Just in case, the Clear button clears the messages and selected file.


Due to Admin Privileges the Import Member Card button might not be visible.

4.14.4. Support

The Support section shows links to Community Support and the Help Desk for Registered Members. A download link for the SAVAPAGE.ppd file is added in the Printer Driver section.

Admin Web App: About - Support

Figure 4.155. Admin Web App: About - Support

4.14.5. Java

This section displays Java runtime information and file locations.

Admin Web App: About - Java

Figure 4.156. Admin Web App: About - Java

Press the Clear button to clear the i18n cache, so changes in custom i18n files immediately take effect.

4.14.6. JavaScript

Admin Web App: About - JavaScript

Figure 4.157. Admin Web App: About - JavaScript

JavaScript code run in this Web App is GNU LibreJS compliant. Code and license of each JavaScript module can be inspected via the JavaScript License Information dialog that is opened by pressing the JavaScript information button. See Section 18.1.1, “Libre JavaScript”.

4.14.7. Host System

This section displays host name and IP address, the name, version and architecture of the host operating system and the GNU/Linux parameters described in Section 22.1, “Linux Kernel Parameters” and Section 22.2, “Linux User Limits”.

4.14.8. Host Packages

The Host Packages gives version information about the required and optional third-party software installed on the SavaPage host.

Admin Web App: About - Host Packages - 1/3

Figure 4.158. Admin Web App: About - Host Packages - 1/3

Admin Web App: About - PDF Standard Font Substitutes - 2/3

Figure 4.159. Admin Web App: About - PDF Standard Font Substitutes - 2/3

Admin Web App: About - Host Packages - 3/3

Figure 4.160. Admin Web App: About - Host Packages - 3/3

More information can be found at:


Before xptopdf and LibreOffice can be used they must be enabled. See Figure 4.130, “Admin Web App: Options - Converters”.

[26] Community Membership is checked in a Daily Job.