4.15. Vouchers

Vouchers provide a straightforward and cost effective solution for users to upgrade their account balance. Vouchers are common value tokens in many applications, like for instance pre-paid mobile phones. Unlike solutions that use smart cards, micro-payments or vending machines, voucher systems require no hardware investment. While manual processing is needed to generate, print, distribute and sell the voucher cards, redemption is fully end-user driven and can be processed automatically.

A voucher system is fully integrated in SavaPage, and includes:

Admin Web App: Voucher List

Figure 4.161. Admin Web App: Voucher List

The list shows the vouchers of a selected Batch-ID and the extra selections shown in the next figure.

Admin Web App: Vouchers - Select and Sort

Figure 4.162. Admin Web App: Vouchers - Select and Sort

Select vouchers by entering:

4.15.1. Voucher Actions


Due to Admin Privileges this section might not be visible.

Admin Web App: Voucher Actions

Figure 4.163. Admin Web App: Voucher Actions

  • New: pops up the dialog to Create Vouchers.

  • Delete expired: deletes vouchers whose expiry date is before the current date (today).

When a Batch-ID is selected extra buttons appear:

  • Expire: Expires all remaining vouchers of the selected Batch-ID by setting the expiry date to today 00:00.

  • Delete: Deletes all remaining vouchers of the selected Batch-ID.

  • Vouchers: downloads a printable PDF document with remaining (non-redeemed) vouchers of the selected Batch-ID according to the selected Layout.

4.15.2. Create Vouchers

Admin Web App: Create Vouchers

Figure 4.164. Admin Web App: Create Vouchers

Enter the data for the batch as follows:

  • Batch-ID: a user defined ID that will be assigned to all vouchers in a batch. The ID is prefixed to each voucher number to easily identify its source. A unique ID should be assigned to each batch.

  • Number: the number of vouchers in the batch.

  • Value: the monetary value of each voucher.

  • Expiry Date: the date after which a voucher can no longer be used. This enforces that vouchers are valid for a limited period of time.

  • Layout: the page format of the PDF output with the number of voucher columns and rows. Some fixed variants are offered.

Press the Vouchers button to create the batch. As a result:

  • Each voucher in the batch is assigned a formatted random unique number, for example B-1404-0021-0661-4775-7916, and is stored in the database.

  • A printable PDF document is downloaded with all vouchers from the batch according to the selected Layout.

4.15.3. Voucher Usage

This is what end-users should know about vouchers.

  • Purchase a voucher from an authorized person at an assigned location. Vouchers are unique for your organization and cannot be used elsewhere.

  • Use a web browser to open the SavaPage User Web App. After logging in, your current account balance is shown at the footer bar.

  • Push the account balance button to pop-up the User Details dialog, and push the Redeem Voucher button in the pop-up.

  • Enter the voucher Number in the next dialog box and press Redeem. Make sure to enter the number exactly as listed on the voucher including any dashes (-).

  • If you entered the number correctly, the value as shown on the voucher will be transferred to your account and a new entry will list in your transaction log.