10.3. Advanced Configuration

The majority of SavaPage configuration is conducted in the Administrator Web App. Some additional configuration options are available in the /opt/savapage/server/server.properties configuration file. This file contains server configuration including the server's TCP ports and SSL properties and Alternative File Locations.

10.3.1. Alternative TCP/IP Settings



Server http port. Default: 8631

  • Value 0 : port is disabled.


Server https port. Default: 8632

  • The SSL port can not be disabled.


Redirect HTML of non-SSL port to SSL: true or false (default). This only concerns HTML, IPP traffic is not redirected.


The RAW Print Server port. Default: 9100

  • Value 0 : RAW printing is disabled.

Table 10.2. Server Properties for Alternative TCP/IP Settings


Since SavaPage is run by user savapage, you can't use ports below 1024, because these ports can only be bound to by the superuser (root). If you want SavaPage Web Apps to be accessible through port 80 and 443 at all costs, you can use Apache or NGINX server to forward (or "reverse-proxy") requests to SavaPage.

10.3.2. Alternative File Locations

To separate created files from installation files you can set alternative locations for temporary files, SafePages and public Letterheads in the /opt/savapage/server/server.properties configuration file.


All alternative file locations must reside on the same disk partition[23].



Location of the application's temporary files. It is created when the application starts and removed when stopped.

Default: /opt/savapage/server/tmp

  • User savapage must have permission to create the location.


Location where the user's SafePages are stored.

Default: /opt/savapage/server/data/internal/safepages

  • The location directory must be owned by user savapage and have permission 700.


Location where the public Letterheads are stored.

Default: /opt/savapage/server/data/internal/letterheads

  • The location directory must be owned by user savapage and have permission 700.

Table 10.3. Server Properties for Alternative File Locations

10.3.3. Miscellaneous Settings



Enable database cleanup at server start-up. See Section 4.10.13, “Backups”.

Values: true (default) or false


See Section, “Custom i18n”.

Values: true or false (default).

Table 10.4. Server Properties: Miscellaneous Settings

[23] This constraint is needed because files are initially created in the temporary location and atomically moved to their destination. Atomic moves do not work cross-partition.