Appendix G. Printable File Types

Table of Contents

G.1. Standard File Types
G.1.1. XPS to PDF Installation Instructions
G.2. Advanced File Types
G.3. PDF Font Substitution

G.1. Standard File Types

SavaPage printer supports a number of common file types out of the box as summarized in Table G.1, “Standard Printable File Types”.


Non-embedded fonts in original or produced PDF documents are subject to Font Substitution.



Portable Document Format



DRM protected PostScript is rendered for ProxyPrinting only. See Section 12.10.2, “Printing Encrypted PDF”.


XML Paper Specification

See Section G.1.1, “XPS to PDF Installation Instructions”.


Hypertext Markup Language

CSS 2.1 is fully supported.


Text File




Graphic Interchange Format

For Animated GIF each image is rendered separately.

jpg, jpeg, jpe



Portable (Public) Network Graphic


Scalable Vector Graphics

The librsvg2-bin package is needed for this option. On Debian based systems use this command to install:

sudo apt-get install librsvg2-bin

tiff, tif

Tagged Image Format File

Multi-page tiff is supported.

[a] XML Forms Architecture (XFA) is a proprietary format for forms introduced by Adobe in PDF 1.5 that is not compatible with ISO 32000's AcroForms feature. Most PDF processors do not handle XFA content. The XFA specification is referenced from ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 as an external proprietary specification, and was entirely deprecated from PDF with ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0).

Table G.1. Standard Printable File Types


The Default Paper Size, as shown in Figure 4.121, “Admin Web App: Options - Default Paper Size”, is used as the paper size for the printed document of a Printable File Type which itself does not have a document structure with a clearly defined page size. These types typically include HTML, TXT and images.

G.1.1. XPS to PDF Installation Instructions

XML Paper Specification (XPS) is an XML based electronic paper format originally developed by Microsoft to serve as a PDF alternative. XPS files are usually created using "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" in a Windows environment.

SavaPage uses the xpstopdf command from the libgxps[49] package to convert XPS documents to PDF format. Check if this package is installed by entering the command: xpstopdf --help

On Debian based systems you can install the package with the command:

sudo apt-get install libgxps-utils


Before XPS to PDF can be used it must be enabled. See Figure 4.123, “Admin Web App: Options - Converters”.

[49] libgxps is a library for handling and rendering XPS documents.