14.2. PostScript Driver Print

Any desktop system can print to SavaPage with a PostScript driver. The driver can either be generic, or a mainstream one from a vendor as shipped with the OS, or a dedicated one provided by SavaPage. When printing from public Internet a private Device URI must be used. See Section 3.10.1, “Internet Printer”.


Although the SavaPage driver is not required, beware that vendor-specific drivers might offer options that are irrelevant, or not supported by the SavaPage Print Server.

The SavaPage Printer Driver comes as a PostScript Printer Description (PPD), as captured in the SAVAPAGE.ppd file located in the shared client directory /opt/savapage/client. The driver is optimized for SavaPage printing. Irrelevant options, like Duplex Printing are stripped, other options like Paper Size and Resolution, are narrowed down to the most common choices. If you feel options are missing please let us know.


SAVAPAGE.ppd is a PostScript-only driver, and does not produce PDF. This is on purpose, since PDF producing drivers print landscape orientated documents with 270 page rotation. As a result these documents will show as portrait orientated SafePages. [31]

The driver file can be downloaded from the About section of the User Web App and Admin Web App.

The installation scripts below use the SavaPage printer driver. When you want to use a PostScript driver already present in the OS, please use the proper selection dialogs.


The SavaPage JetDirect Server accepts PostScript print jobs only. So do not use the JetDirect protocol unless you are absolutely sure that the print client uses PostScript as Print Job Format. Windows clients can safely use JetDirect. On macOS and GNU/Linux systems IPP and IPPS are the obvious choices.

[31] SavaPage acts as a Virtual PostScript Printer Device. This is separate from the decision on the OSDL Printing Summit in 2006 to switch the GNU/Linux standard print job transfer format from PostScript to PDF. See https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/openprinting/pdf_as_standard_print_job_format