Chapter 23. SavaPage Community

Table of Contents

23.1. Visitor Period
23.2. Registered Member
23.3. Importing the Member Card

Organizations join the SavaPage Community as Resident by subscribing to the software. The subscription consists of a one-time enrollment fee and a yearly amount. These fees are needed to financially compensate Community Developers and Deployment Partners for their efforts and expenses when maintaining the software and supporting member organizations. The amount is dependent on the size (number of Participants) of the organization. When you join you get a Member Card, which actually is a digitally signed file that is emailed to you. This file is your token as resident of the SavaPage Community and can be used to confirm your status in the SavaPage Software. Residents have the right to request new features and are entitled to high-priority Technical Support.

An organization that uses the software and is not a Resident is called a Visitor. Visitors are allowed to explore the application to decide if they want to subscribe to the software or not.

The community status is shown on the Admin Web App Dashboard and About sections.

23.1. Visitor Period

Without a Community Member Card, any user of the software is considered a Visitor. After 40 days visitors are invited to contact SavaPage Support for a Member Card. Without a card SavaPage will continue to run as normal and will be fully functional, but the missing card will be signaled as system status.


The name of your organization can be set with key visitor.organization in file See Section 13.5.11, “Miscellaneous Settings”.


Implementations with 10 active users (or less) in the SavaPage database are welcomed as permanent visitors, and the missing Member Card is not signaled as system status.