Chapter 16. Freedom and Privacy

Table of Contents

16.1. Open Source
16.1.1. Libre JavaScript
16.2. General Data Protection Regulation
16.2.1. Data Portability
16.2.2. Data Erasure
16.3. Secure Print Release
16.4. CUPS Privacy

This chapter explains how Digital Freedom and Privacy is secured in the SavaPage domain. The privacy domain partially overlaps security (confidentiality), which include the protection of information. See Chapter 15, Security.

The About dialog in each Web App has links to the Free Software source code and legal context.

Web App - About Dialog - Software & Privacy Section

Figure 16.1. Web App - About Dialog - Software & Privacy Section

16.1. Open Source

SavaPage is Open Source Software, and complies to Free Software as defined by the Free Software Foundation. The use of the AGPL Software License testifies of this compliance. Being free open source software, everyone has the freedom to study how SavaPage works and monitor how digital privacy is enforced. Code and licenses can be accessed by pressing the License information and Source code button in the About dialog.

16.1.1. Libre JavaScript

For a true Libre Web App, it is crucial to free all of its JavaScript code, as explained in The JavaScript Trap by Richard Stallman. All JavaScript code run in SavaPage Web Apps is GNU LibreJS compliant. Code and license of each JavaScript module can be inspected via the JavaScript License Information dialog that is opened by pressing the JavaScript information button in the About dialog.

Web App - JavaScript Info (first 2 of 20+ sources)

Figure 16.2. Web App - JavaScript Info (first 2 of 20+ sources)