Drop your Files and Start Printing

"A simple drag-and-drop of a PDF to our SavaPage Web App is my ticket to a full-blown Printing Environment."

End User

"SavaPage just works: thousands of students are printing day in day out on our University Campus."

System Administrator

"SavaPage saves money and trees, as users are constantly reminded to use paper saving options."


An Innovative Solution for Advanced Print Services

Step 1: Collect

Use Internet Printing Protocol, AirPrint, Android Print Service, Mail Print or File Upload to Collect Documents to your private Web Queue . . .

Step 2: Preview

Open the Web App in your browser on any device. Preview and edit the result, download or email as PDF, or . . .

Step 3: Print

Select a Printer in the Web App, print right away, or follow a comfortable track for Secure Printing, Delegated Print or Job Ticketing.

A Sustainable Print Environment

Save Trees

Remove unnecessary pages, print duplex, or skip printing and Save as PDF.

Save Toner and Ink

Print as grayscale, remove graphics or use Eco Print.

Save Money

Reduce unnecessary printing with Pay-per-Print and Secure Printing.

Zero Install, Easy Access


Collect, Preview and Print documents from any device.


Bring Your Own Device for easy authenticated printing.

Admin Web App

Use the Administrator Web App for configuration.

Advanced Workflows

Internet Print Portal

Collect Documents to your Web Queue securely with Web Print or an Internet Printer.

Delegated Print

Print as Delegate on behalf of other users, and split cost over personal or shared accounts.

Job Tickets

Create Job Tickets for large print jobs or finishing requests (staple, punch, bind).


Eliminate the need for preprinted paper, apply internal documents as Letterhead.

Secure Print

Use a NFC Card Reader to release a held Print Job with a simple card swipe.

Third-Party Integration

Integrate PaperCut Print Management and printing from Learning Platforms like Moodle and Smartschool (Belgium).

Easy to Adjust and Customize


Customize with CSS and HTML injection so the Web Apps adapt to your corporate identity.


All Web Apps are fully localized to English, German and Dutch. Translators for other languages are welcome.


Payment Plug-ins allow users to transfer money with Creditcard, PayPal, SEPA, etc. to their internal account.

Stable and Secure


SavaPage server runs on the number one Stable, Secure and Open Source Operating System.


SavaPage uses PostgreSQL the world's most advanced Open Source Database.


Proven Open Source Technology makes SavaPage scalable to thousands of users.

And more . . .

SavaPage has all the functions of a regular Print Management System, and more.  Including Pay-Per-Print, Secure Follow-Me Printing, Auditing, PDF Creation, LDAP (Active Directory) Integration, NFC Authentication, On-line Payments (Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Bitcoin), Point-of-Sale Payments, Prepaid Print Cards, etc . . . Please consult the User Manual Online or as PDF for a comprehensive introduction.