3.6. Letterheads

A tap on the Letterhead button in the main SafePages view shows the Letterhead dialog. See Section 3.3, “SafePages”.

User Web App: Letterheads

Figure 3.58. User Web App: Letterheads


Depending on User Privileges buttons and sections for creating and editing letterheads might not be shown.


If the SafePages contain DRM-restricted content the New button is not visible.

User Web App: Letterhead - New

Figure 3.59. User Web App: Letterhead - New


For a background letterhead to be effective, SafePages should be transparent. HTML pages printed from browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox might pose a problem here. The white background on HTML pages might act as a solid background.

User Web App: Letterhead - Detail

Figure 3.60. User Web App: Letterhead - Detail