Chapter 5. Job Tickets Web App

Table of Contents

5.1. Login
5.2. Open Tickets
5.2.1. Select and Sort
5.2.2. Ticket List
5.2.3. Job Ticket Bulk Actions
5.2.4. Job Ticket Transactions
5.2.5. Job Ticket Edit
5.2.6. Job Ticket Print
5.2.7. Job Ticket Settle
5.3. Closed Tickets
5.3.1. Job Ticket Refund
5.3.2. Job Ticket Reversal
5.3.3. Job Ticket Reopen
5.4. Job Ticket Configuration Properties

The Job Tickets Web App can be accessed by users with role Job Ticket Operator to dispatch job tickets. Job Tickets are created by users with role Job Ticket Creator in the Print Dialog of the User Web App. Operators optionally add or edit print options and select a suitable proxy printer to print the job.

The Web App can be reached at https://savapage:8632/jobtickets. See Appendix E, URL Cheat Sheet.

5.1. Login

Job Ticket Web App: Login

Figure 5.1. Job Ticket Web App: Login

This login screen is a variant of the User Login screen, with the following exception: