10.4. Printing from Android and Chrome OS

10.4.1. SavaPage Google Cloud Ready Printer

The Google Cloud Print (GCP) service provides seamless integration with the Google Android and Chrome OS ecosystems. Print jobs can be triggered by a share action, and take a detour via the cloud to the remote printer. GCP offers the same user experience as Printing from iOS.

SavaPage can be configured as Google Cloud Printer. See Section 4.10.6, “Google Cloud Printer”.

10.4.2. PrinterShare™ Mobile Print

PrinterShare™ Mobile Print is a native Android printing solution from Mobile Dynamix.

PrinterShare uses a local printer driver to convert the candidate pages to graphical images. Unfortunately, when using the generic PostScript driver, this results in a seriously degraded performance at the client side, and non-searchable PDF in SavaPage.


To actually print beyond a simple test page you need to purchase PrinterShare™ Premium Key, which is a separate small application that needs to be present on the device.

Just as in iOS, you need to print to an untrusted SavaPage queue, because PrinterShare printing is unauthenticated, i.e. print jobs do not hold information about the originating user. It is best to create an AirPrint enabled queue for that purpose, as described in Section 10.3, “Printing from iOS”.

Perform these steps to create the SavaPage printer:

  1. Login to the SavaPage User Web App on your Android device. This is because of the IP Based Authentication needed by the SavaPage printer selected in the next step.

  2. Select a Nearby-WiFi printer. PrinterShare will recognize the AirPrint enabled SavaPage printer.

  3. When selecting the printer driver do not Use Generic[24], but Select Manually instead.

  4. Open the folder named Generic and select the Generic PostScript Level 2 driver.


When not logged in while printing PrinterShare will pop up an error message saying Can't print. IPP error 1025, meaning SavaPage understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.

[24] The generic driver uses UNIRAST as job format, which is not supported by SavaPage. PrinterShare will pop up an HTTP error 500.