14.7. Printing from iOS and iPadOS

If SavaPage IPP Everywhere is configured in a Local Network, the corresponding AirPrint printer is automatically detected by and can directly be used without any configuration.

  • 64-bit iOS (iPadOS) is supported, 32-bit is not.

  • IP Based Authentication is needed before submitting a print job. When printing while not logged in, a dialog will pop up saying You do not have permission to use this printer, with Cancel and Retry buttons.

For your convenience https://savapage:8632/ios/install is available to add a SavaPage icon to the Home Screen automatically. See Appendix E, URL Cheat Sheet. A click on the icon opens the SavaPage User Web App full-screen and will therefore be part of the multitasking bar.

This convenience comes with a penalty though, since Apple treats full-screen WebApps in a special way, i.e. when they are selected from the multitasking bar and regain focus the Web App is reloaded.

Luckily, since SavaPage utilizes an authentication token, an automatic login is performed. However, the page needs to be retrieved from the server again, giving some performance penalty.


Only one SavaPage Web Clip can be present on an iOS device. A new install overwrites the previous one.


When using the Payment Gateway Plug-in, the redirect URL as forwarded to and applied by the payment provider does not show in the same User WebApp as where the payment started, but is shown on a new tab in the default browser.


If you don't care about the full-screen User Web App, and want optimal performance, you can just add any SavaPage Web App to the Home Screen manually by surfing to the URL, then click the Share button and choose Add to Home Screen. Clicking the home screen icon will not open the Web App full-screen, but as a tabbed instance in the browser. Also, it will not be reloaded by definition as the browser regains focus.

Table 14.7. Printing from iOS and iPadOS