12.3. Printing from iOS

Make sure AirPrint is configured as described in Section 12.2, “Printing with AirPrint”. Follow the steps below to use AirPrint on iOS.

12.3.1. Step 1: Install iOS Web Clip

For your convenience https://savapage:8632/ios/install is available to add a SavaPage icon to the iOS Home Screen automatically. See Appendix E, URL Cheat Sheet. A click on the icon opens the SavaPage User Web App full-screen and will therefore be part of the multitasking bar.

This convenience comes with a penalty though, since Apple treats full-screen WebApps in a special way, i.e. when they are selected from the multitasking bar and regain focus the Web App is reloaded.

Luckily, since SavaPage utilizes an authentication token, an automatic login is performed. However, the page needs to be retrieved from the server again, giving some performance penalty.


Only one SavaPage Web Clip can be present on an iOS device. A new install overwrites the previous one.


When using the Payment Gateway Plug-in, the redirect URL as forwarded to and applied by the payment provider does not show in the same User WebApp as where the payment started, but is shown on a new tab in the default browser.

If you don't care about the full-screen User Web App, and want optimal performance, you can just add any SavaPage Web App to the Home Screen manually by surfing to the URL, then click the Share button and choose Add to Home Screen. Clicking the home screen icon will not open the Web App full-screen, but as a tabbed instance in the browser. Also, it will not be reloaded by definition as the browser regains focus.

12.3.2. Step 2: Test

As a start, first login to SavaPage on your iOS device. This is because IP Based Authentication is needed by the SavaPage printer.


When printing while not logged in a dialog will pop up saying You do not have permission to use this printer, with Cancel and Retry buttons.

In many iOS apps, tapping the action button displays options for sharing, as well as other actions such as printing or copying. The options vary depending on the app you’re using. Figure 12.9, “iPad App Sharing Options” shows the sharing options from the Notes App.

iPad App Sharing Options

Figure 12.9. iPad App Sharing Options

Tapping the Print icon will bring forward the Printer Options, as shown in Figure 12.10, “SavaPage Printer Options on iPad”.

SavaPage Printer Options on iPad

Figure 12.10. SavaPage Printer Options on iPad

If you are printing for the first time, or the previously selected printer is not available, or if you just want to change printer, you will need to select the printer first by tapping the Printer button. In this example Figure 12.11, “Select SavaPage Printer on iPad” shows a list with just a single printer (who needs more :-)

Select SavaPage Printer on iPad

Figure 12.11. Select SavaPage Printer on iPad

Now, after you selected SavaPage as printer and are sure you logged into SavaPage at the same device, tap the Print button. As a result the printed output should appear in the SavaPage App.


You can check the Print Queue by double-tapping the Home button to show the recently used apps. Then tap the Print Center. Note that the Print Center is only available while printing is in progress.