Appendix A. Proxy Print Scenarios

Table of Contents

A.1. Proxy Print Costs
A.2. Personal Print Scenarios
A.2.1. Personal Print - Non-Secure Scenarios
A.2.2. Personal Print - Secure Scenarios
A.2.3. Personal Print - PaperCut Scenario
A.3. Delegated Print Scenarios
A.3.1. Delegated Print - (Non) Secure & Job Ticket Scenarios
A.3.2. Delegated Print - Job Ticket - PaperCut - Scenario
A.3.3. Delegated Print - PaperCut Scenario

This chapter summarizes several Proxy Print scenarios in a shorthand catalogue. Please follow the hyperlinks in the summaries for more detail.

A.1. Proxy Print Costs

If a Proxy Printer is exclusively managed by SavaPage, the costs of its print jobs are immediately charged after a job is submitted. This is done with full confidence that the jobs will reach status Completed. In this way account balances are up to date in advance and the corresponding credit limits can be applied in a timely manner.


In the exceptional case that a print job is Canceled or Aborted (by manual intervention in CUPS) the costs can be refunded in the Documents section of the Admin Web App.

If the Proxy Printer CUPS queue is managed by a Third Party Print Management System (TPPMS) like PaperCut, costs will not be charged until the TPPMS notifies that the print job is Completed. In this way we exempt ourselves from third party print policy and only charge cost when we are absolutely sure that the print was successful. We accept the inherent latency of an updated account balance in SavaPage which might introduce a small chance for unjustified prints in between (according to the related credit limit).