23.3. Importing the Member Card

The SavaPage Community Member Card is issued as a digitally signed file. Installing the file into the application confirms your community status. To install the file supplied by your Community Partner:

  1. Save the Member Card file to your hard disk. Your desktop is a handy location. Files are typically named SavaPage-[orgname].membercard. The file can be loaded into the system as supplied.

  2. Log into the SavaPage Admin Web App and navigate to the About page.

  3. Scroll down to the Community Membership section and click the Import Member Card button.

  4. Please see Figure 4.154, “Admin Web App: About - Import Member Card” how to proceed in the import dialog.

  5. Verify that your Membership is correctly listed in the About page.

If you have a question about your Member Card or need assistance please email SavaPage Technical Support and they will be more than happy to assist you.


The file supplied is simply a digitally signed and zipped text file containing your Membership information. It's converted to ZIP format to minimize size. If you're interested in viewing the contents of the file, rename the file to .zip and simply open it in any ZIP extraction utility.