Chapter 6. Mail Tickets Web App

Table of Contents

6.1. Login
6.2. Mail Ticket Selection
6.3. Mail Ticket Configuration Properties

The Mail Tickets Web App can be accessed by users with role Mail Ticket Operator to dispatch Mail Print tickets.

The Web App can be reached at https://savapage:8632/mailtickets. See Appendix E, URL Cheat Sheet.

Mail Ticket Print is active when:


Mail Ticket Print can be used to allow unknown (guest) users to Mail Print and collect their print at a desk equipped with this Web App. A Mail Ticket Operator selects the Ticket ID as notified in an email reply to the Mail Print sender. Since the costs are shown before printing, the operator can charge the amount due to the guest user.

6.1. Login

Mail Tickets Web App: Login

Figure 6.1. Mail Tickets Web App: Login

This login screen is a variant of the User Login screen, with the following exception: