2.5. Step 5 - Check Firewall Settings

SavaPage uses TCP/IP port 8631 (for HTTP), port 8632 (for HTTPS/SSL) and port 9100 (for JetDirect/RAW printing) by default.


You can change the TCP/IP port defaults in the /opt/savapage/server/server.properties file after installation. See Section, “Alternative TCP/IP Ports”.

For Proxy Printer access the standard IPP port 631 of local CUPS is used.

For IPP Everywhere and AirPrint UDP port 5353 is used.

Depending on the Mail settings common SMTP ports are 25, 465 and 587.

Common IMAP ports used for Mail Print are 143 and 993.

The Secure JMX Connection uses port 8639.

Many GNU/Linux distributions have strict default firewall policies, so take some time now to ensure that these ports are open. Consult your distribution documentation for details on how to open firewall TCP and UDP ports.