2.6. Step 6 - Download and Install

SavaPage is supplied as a self-extracting and self-installing archive for 64-bit (x64 , x86_64, amd64) systems. The installation must be performed as the newly created savapage user in the /opt/savapage directory. Some parts of the installation need to be executed as root. When you choose to do so during the main install, please have the root password or sudo password handy. You can also choose to execute the root tasks after the main install. In that case you can simply sudo execute a post-install script. For more detail about the install process please see Chapter 13, SavaPage on GNU/Linux.

Change to the newly created savapage user, download and execute the installer in /opt/savapage, and follow the instructions.

sudo su savapage
cd /opt/savapage
rm ./savapage-setup-*-linux-*.bin  1
wget URL  2
sh ./savapage-setup-*-linux-*.bin  3


Remove old downloads, if any, first, to prevent that a new download gets .bin.1 suffix.


Use the URL from the SavaPage Wiki download section.


For example savapage-setup-1.5.0-rc-linux-x64.bin

The installation process will take between one and two minutes depending on the speed of the system. A system restart is not required. When installing on a live production system, administrators are advised to choose a period of low activity - for example, not during backup operations or other administration activities.