9.2. PaperCut Integration

If PaperCut Integration is enabled, PaperCut follow-me printing and copying of the glass can be integrated, with all costs charged to the personal PaperCut account of the user.

In that case SavaPage Print Site will be the single application the Print Site Operator has to deal with. Any interaction with the PaperCut back-end is handled behind the scenes.

9.2.1. Users

When SavaPage and PaperCut share a common User Source, user synchronization and authentication can be set-up identically in both environments.

When a common User Source is absent, SavaPage Internal Users can be synchronized with and authenticated in PaperCut via the PaperCut User Sync and Auth Interface.

9.2.2. Financial

The PaperCut Personal User Account must activated as the leading account for personal financial transactions and credit.

Users can recharge their account balance via Manual Payment at the counter, with a Voucher or Payment Gateway.

9.2.3. Printing

Personal Print to PaperCut must be activated. This makes PaperCut printing cost leading. See Section A.2.3, “Personal Print - PaperCut Scenario”.