N.4. PaperCut User Sync and Auth Interface

With the absence of a common User Source, SavaPage can act as PaperCut User Sync and Auth Interface. In this way Internal Users can be synchronized to and authenticated in PaperCut.

The interface is implemented as HTTP Basic Auth service. This interface can easily be used in Python or Linux curl scripts. Sample scripts for use in PaperCut Custom Sync are available in /opt/savapage/server/examples/papercut/

Configuration propertyDescription


Set to Y or N (default) to enable/disable PaperCut Custom User Sync Integration.


Basic HTTP Authentication User name.


Basic HTTP Authentication User password.


The allowed client IP addresses as a CIDR Set. When void, not a single client is allowed.

Table N.1. PaperCut User Sync and Auth Interface Configuration Properties

See Section 4.11.14, “Config Editor” on how to set these properties.