14.4. Printing from macOS

MacOS supports native printing through the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) and Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

If SavaPage IPP Everywhere is configured in a Local Network, the corresponding printer is automatically detected as Default in the Printers & Scanners > Add dialog and can directly be used without any configuration.

You can add any SavaPage Local IPP Printer according to the SavaPage Printer URI syntax. Add a new printer and enter data in the Printers & Scanners > Add dialog as follows:

  • Click the IP printer button and select IPP for Protocol.

  • At Address, enter the IP address or host name of the SavaPage Print Server including the port number.

  • Enter printers at Queue for the default queue, or printers/[queue] for any other specific queue. See SavaPage URI syntax.

  • Enter the Name of the queue. SavaPage is the obvious choice here.

  • Use the default Generic PostScript Printer, or use Other to select the SAVAPAGE.ppd you downloaded earlier.


Table 14.4. Printing from macOS