I.2. Install New Server

Install the latest version of SavaPage on the new server.

  1. Make your CUPS printers on the new server identical as the ones on the old server, and test the CUPS queues before installing SavaPage. Use exactly the same names for the CUPS queues. If you deviate you might need to rename Proxy Printers after installation, as explained in Section I.5, “Rename Printers”.

  2. Follow the instructions at Chapter 2, Server Installation. Complete the configuration steps, including the user import. Although importing the users is not strictly required, as this data will be overridden after data migration, it does confirm that your new server has the correct network connectivity. Of course you are free to synchronize with a smaller user group to proof the connectivity.

  3. Compare the content of the /opt/savapage/server/server.properties file from the old server with the one on the new server, and change the file on the new server where needed.

  4. Import your Member Card file into the new server. See Section 4.14.3, “Community”.