Appendix I. Migrating to a New Server

Table of Contents

I.1. Upgrade Old Server
I.2. Install New Server
I.3. Freeze Old Server
I.4. Migrate Data to New Server
I.5. Rename Printers
I.6. Update SavaPage Printers

Migrating to a new server is a major task. Administrators should block out at a minimum two hours, and should select a time where downtime will be of minimum disruption to end-users.

This section describes how to migrate SavaPage to a new system so that all data is moved to the new system. To ensure a smooth migration it is strongly recommended that the versions of SavaPage on both the old and new servers are the same. The easiest way to achieve this is to upgrade the old server to the latest version, and then install the latest version on the new server.

Please read the sections below in full before conducting your migration.

I.1. Upgrade Old Server

Upgrade the old server to the latest version:

  1. Download the latest available version available from the SavaPage Website

  2. Install the upgrade by following the steps in Appendix H, Upgrading from a Previous Version.

  3. After the upgrade is complete, check that everything is working as expected.