4.10. Reports


This section contains selections for extra PDF reports and CSV exports, apart from the ones presented in other sections, like Users. Currently a single report is defined. Please tell us your requirements so we can add more.

Admin Web App: Print Invoicing Report

Figure 4.79. Admin Web App: Print Invoicing Report

Print Invoicing shows the proxy print cost Totals of individual users within a time Period, optionally from selected User Groups that acted as Delegator in a Delegated Print scenario. Lines are ordered Per User (id) or Printer, User (Printer display name, User id), and specify the cost total of completed print jobs within the period and extra data like Delegator Group and total number of Pages (Sent or Printed), Jobs or Copies per job type, like duplex/simplex, color/grayscale, page format A4, A3, etc.