Chapter 14. Printing Impact

Table of Contents

14.1. Financial Impact
14.2. Environmental Impact
14.2.1. Printed Sheet Units
14.2.2. Trees
14.2.3. Energy
14.2.4. Carbon

One of the goals of SavaPage is to reduce hard-copy printing by facilitating the use of soft PDF copies instead. Above that, if printing is needed after all, SavaPage offers easy n-up, gray-scale and duplex proxy-printing to reduce printing even more. Giving feedback to users about the costs and environmental impact of their printing habits is used to arouse awareness and achieve behavioral change.

14.1. Financial Impact

In any organization the costs of unrestricted access to office printers can be substantial. With SavaPage Financial feedback about the costs from different perspectives (User, ProxyPrinter, Period) is within reach. Future releases will indeed process log data, and present financial statistics from all possible angles.