15.4. User Name Aliases

A User Alias is a way of mapping a user name in one format to a name in another. It is useful in the following situations:

Name aliases are applied at the following levels:

The aliases information is kept in the file,


and can be created based on the provided template file,


You can create your own custom alias file as follows:

The format of the alias file is:

aliasname1: username1
aliasnameA: username2
aliasnameB: username2

where aliasname is mapped to username in the system database. A user may have multiple aliases. In this example, username2 is known both as aliasnameA and aliasnameB. The separator between aliasname and username can be “:”, “=“ or tab.


If an offered user name does not match an alias in the alias file, it is assumed it represents the user's real name. If this user is new to the system he might be created automatically in SavaPage, according to the user creation policy defined in the OptionsUser CreationOn demand user creation section of the Admin Web App. So please take care that your alias list is valid and up-to-date.


The content of the user name aliases file is read and cached when the SavaPage service is started. See Section, “User Name Aliases Cache” on how to refresh the cache after you edited the file content.