B.3. Network Card Reader Service

SavaPage ships with a Network Card Reader Service to be deployed on a Raspberry Pi®. The service works with CCID compatible NFC readers. The ACS ACR122U reader is a popular choice, but other CCID readers work just as well [46]. The installation instructions can be found in:


Any deployed service must be entered as SavaPage Device. See Section 4.9.1, “Network Card Reader”. At each card swipe the UID of the card is read and send to the central SavaPage server, where it is handled in context of the device definition.

You can link sounds and scrips to various events. Sample files are provided for your own customization, for example to communicate with PiGlow, Pibrella or PiFace Control & Display add-on boards.

[46] A list of compatible NFC readers is available at CCID free software driver.