B.2. Local Card Reader

A Local Card Reader is an NFC Reader that functions as USB Keyboard Emulator. At each card swipe the reader must react by typing the card's UID (Card Number) appended by a Carriage Return (CR). SavaPage makes use of this function by capturing[45] the keystrokes at Login time in the Web App.


The way a reader formats the UID can deviate from the SavaPage HEX/LSB standard. Therefore you need to specify the format at the interfaces where the reader's UID is used. Most keyboard emulating readers can be configured to a specific output format and byte order.


At the time of this writing StrongLink sells a reliable Plug and Play USB Keyboard Emulating Card Reader (SL040A) for a competitive price. The reader supports UID reads for Mifare Mini, Mifare 1k, Mifare 4k, Mifare Plus, Ultralight, DesFire and Mifare_ProX cards.

[45] SavaPage uses a short time limit to capture the keystrokes from a Local Card Reader. The time limit (milliseconds) is contained in the configuration key webapp.card-local.keystrokes-max-msecs. Do not change this value, except when requested by the SavaPage support desk.