10.3. PDF/PGP Verification Web App

The PDF/PGP Verification Web App can be configured with the following properties:

Configuration propertyDescription


Set to Y or N (default), to enable/disable the PDF/PGP Verification Web App.


The maximum MB size of the PDF that can be uploaded for verification. Default: 10

Table 10.2. PDF/PGP Verification Web App Configuration Properties

See Section 4.11.14, “Config Editor” on how to enter these properties.

The Web App invites to choose a PDF for verification. Multiple files can be selected for upload.

PDF/PGP Verification - Upload

Figure 10.2. PDF/PGP Verification - Upload

And shows success or failure when done.

PDF/PGP Verification - Good signature

Figure 10.3. PDF/PGP Verification - Good signature


When the OpenPGP Public Key file author.asc is found as PDF attachment, its data is displayed as Author identification. See Section 10.2, “PDF/PGP Signature”.

PDF/PGP Verification - Public key not found

Figure 10.4. PDF/PGP Verification - Public key not found

PDF/PGP Verification - Signature not found

Figure 10.5. PDF/PGP Verification - Signature not found