C.3. Atom Feed Service

SavaPage publishes system information of the past day in Atom Syndication Format. The info is meant for administrators and includes runtime status, statistics, errors and warnings. The feed is available at URL path feed/admin/ and protected by Basic HTTP Authentication. It can be enabled and configured with the properties shown below.

Configuration propertyDescription


Set to Y or N (default) to enable or disable.


Basic HTTP Authentication User name.


Basic HTTP Authentication User password.


Feed creation schedule according to the default Cron Trigger Expression "0 0 3 ? * 3-7". The previous feed is overwritten: no history is held in SavaPage. See Atom Feed Job.


Universally unique identifier of the Atom Feed (generated by SavaPage).

Table C.4. Atom Feed Configuration Properties

See Section 4.11.14, “Config Editor” on how to change these items.


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