15.14. External Services

Communication with external services can optionally be secured with SSL/TLS. See Section, “LDAP”, Section 4.10.4, “Mail” and Section 4.10.7, “Mail Print”

15.14.1. Google Cloud Print Service

The Google Cloud Print connectivity parameters are stored in the file /opt/savapage/server/gcp.properties, so it can easily be moved to another SavaPage implementation. Access to the file is restricted to the savapage user.


Make a backup of gcp.properties immediately and store it at a secure place, so you can restore it in case of a server crash or when you need to migrate to a new server.

An example gcp.properties file (with fictitious data) is shown below.

# SavaPage Google Cloud Ready Printer
# Keep the content of this file at a secure place.
#Tue Jan 07 11:34:58 CET 2014

  • Values for the gcp.proxy and gcp.printer.uuid properties are generated by SavaPage upon first use.

  • The oauth.client.id and oauth.client.secret properties are entered by the user in the OAuth panel.

  • The gcp.refresh-token is retrieved by SavaPage after printer registration, and is needed to access to the Google Cloud Printer.

  • The gcp.owner.id is updated by SavaPage after first access of the printer.