13.3. OpenPGP Settings

SavaPage can be configured to use OpenPGP for PGP/MIME email signing and encryption.

The first step is to set the Public and Secret Key of the SavaPage server instance in the /opt/savapage/server/server.properties configuration file, as shown in the table below.



The path of the ASCII Armored public OpenPGP key.

Relative to: /opt/savapage/server/data/


The path of the ASCII Armored secret (private) OpenPGP key.

Relative to: /opt/savapage/server/data/


The pass-phrase of the openpgp.secretkey.file

Table 13.3. OpenPGP Server Properties

OpenPGP server information is shown on the Admin Dashboard.

The Secret Key of the server is used to sign e-mail content. Content encryption is done with the recipient's public key, when present. See Section, “OpenPGP”.

Next, PGP/MIME must be activated with the following configuration properties:

Configuration propertyDescription


Set to Y (default) or N, to enable/disable PGP/MIME signing.


Set to Y (default) or N, to enable/disable PGP/MIME encryption.


Optional URL of an OpenPGP Public Key Server.

Table 13.4. OpenPGP Configuration Properties

See Section 4.11.14, “Config Editor” on how to set these properties.


OpenPGP Server Properties are also used for the PDF/PGP Verification Feature Preview.