C.5. Stopping and Starting the Server

Normally there is no need to stop or start the server. This is only required when:

The SavaPage application server may be stopped or started by executing these systemd commands:

sudo systemctl start savapage.service   1 
sudo systemctl stop savapage.service   2
sudo systemctl restart savapage.service   3
systemctl status savapage.service        4


Starts the application server.


Stops the application server.


Stops and starts the application server in one go.


Echoes the run status of the application server.

When SavaPage is installed on a SysV system, use the appropriate service commands.


When you start the application server, wait approximately 10 seconds for the service to initialize before accessing the Web App interface.


When the server is stopped, any SavaPage Web App loses connection and will be unloaded, and a browser message like "This site can’t be reached" will be shown. The user must wait till the server is started again, and press any Reload (Try Again) button to resume.