Appendix N. Smartschool Print Module

Table of Contents

N.1. Smartschool Afdrukcentrum
N.2. Smartschool Print Options
N.2.1. Smartschool Print Clustering
N.3. Smartschool Print Processing
N.4. PaperCut Smartschool Integration
N.4.1. Smartschool PaperCut Configuration
N.4.2. PaperCut Smartschool Accounting
N.4.3. PaperCut Queries and Reports
N.4.4. Integration Pitfalls


Smartschool Print Module is deprecated in favor of native SavaPage Delegated Print.

SavaPage is able to process print jobs from Smartschool. Smartschool is a digital school platform for secondary and primary schools and is mainly used in Flanders (Belgium). Started in 2003 as electronic learning environment, Smartschool evolved into a broad platform including tools for administration, reporting and communication. Smartschool is Software as a Service and can be used with a browser and with dedicated Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The electronic learning component is similar to services like Blackboard, Dokeos, Moodle and Sakai.

This Smartschool Print Module is disabled by default, and can be enabled by editing the /opt/savapage/server/ file like this:

# Is Smartschool Print module active: true | false (default)

A restart of SavaPage is required to activate the change. See Section C.4, “Stopping and Starting the Server”

N.1. Smartschool Afdrukcentrum

Smartschool Afdrukcentrum (Printing Center) offers a PDF printing service for users to request printed copies of PDF documents for one or more persons. Although it is possible to give students access to the Afdrukcentrum, most of the time this will not be the case, and printing access will be reserved for teaching staff only to print documents for their classes.

A print job is created by uploading the PDF files from local file system, Dropbox or the Smartschool "My Documents" folder. Print options like media-size (A4, A3), duplex and grayscale can be selected by the requester. Target persons can be selected either as individuals or by group ("personen" or "klassen").

Smartschool offers a SOAP Web Service to third party Print Management Systems so they can perform the actual printing, and calculate and charge the costs according to their own accounting rules. The Web Service API can be used to retrieve pending jobs, to download the PDF documents, and to update the print status.